Value Engineering:


Value Engineering is a unique service of FZDC. Once we are invited by our clients to undertake a full process of value engineering on their current scheme design, we will review the status of the design and report back promptly with what can be achieved. Several scenarios might arise:

  • The design could be at its concept stage. In this situation, we could arrange several brain- storming sessions with the appointed design team in order to bring about unique ideas and solutions for the design strategy for each discipline. This would undoubtedly clear the way for the most optimum design solution for the project
  • The design could be at an early stage. In this situation, FZDC can be embedded within the design team where they can influence the design, acting as the client’s advisor. Alternatively, we can review the design independently once the drawings are released to the client for his/hers approval
  • We can also be involved once the design is complete and is released for construction. We do not believe that it is ever too late to apply value engineering exercise in order to bring about the economical gain for the project

The founder of FZDC has outstanding credentials in this area. Many major projects both in the UK and overseas have seen the impact of this process, where ultimately, those parties involved have been the beneficiaries of the design change. One good example of this work is the London Velodrome and its roof structure, where the design change resulted in a 7 months reduction in the overall programme i.e. 25% of the total project duration and significant cost savings of over 10% for the project stakeholders.

Anticlastic Roof Cable-Net Concept - London Velodrome

Innovative Approach In Utilizing Precast Method - Service Hotel Apartments - Singapore

Ground Engineering/Basement:


The founder of FZDC has immense technical and construction know-how in this field. Works have been undertaken for many ground engineering schemes for deep retaining structures, complex multi level basements and heavy substructures. The track records encompass many ground engineering solutions that have been tried and tested such as, soil nailed wall, contiguous piled wall, secant piled wall, diaphragm wall and sheet piled wall, etc. with multi level props/fly shores or ground anchors.


If you have a complex substructure with single or multi-level basement that you wish to achieve grade 1 to 3 in the most viable and economical solution, then you need to bring us on board to assist you. We could also work in-tandem with your project designer in order to bring to fruition the desired solution.

Earth Retaining Wall (20m deep) - Utilizing Soil Nailing Techniques - Singapore

Top-Down Construction Method - Major Hotel - Singapore